Alpha Centauran Empire

The Alpha Centauran Empire is an Imperial Hegemony of three planets in the Alpha Centauri system, ruled by Vladimir Astrogator III, Emperor of Alpha Centauri (Official title: Emperor of Alpha Centauri, Earth, the Stars, and what may lie beyond.) The capital of the empire is Astrogator, the official language is Earth English, and the currency used is Astrogators (AG).



Alpha Centauri was long considered by Earth scientists to be the most likely candidate for extra-solar colonization. With three planets in the so-called "Sweet Spot" and a star similar to Earth's, it was widely believed that this system would be the first to be colonized, and as such the ship Florence was sent to colonize this planet in AF 0. The Florence never made it, succumbing to revolution, but the Interstellar Coalition sent three more ships into the ether, all of which landed on Alpha Centauri III in AF 97, 101, and 103.

=Landing to Final Council=

=Anarchy Period=

=Rise of the Empire=

=Pax Alpha Centauri III=



The Alpha Centauran Empire is an Absolute Imperial Hegemony, where the word of the Emperor is law. Day-to-day administration is handled by a series of highly-advanced supercomputers, which feed the data and ruling to the emperor in the form of a highly-complex msDOS game called "Centaur Fortress". Non-imperial citizens generally serve in the army or in any of the various industries on the three planets, and have no political power whatsoever. Resistance is kept down through a collection of depressive drugs lacing the water supplies.


The Alpha Centauran Empire is strictly xenophobic, viewing humans from newer colonies as impure and aliens as unforgivable. Therefore, the entirety of the three planets consists of people who can prove their ancestry back to any three of the original ships, or otherwise back to earth.


The Alpha Centauran Empire is a fairly standard planet, with a tech level only somewhat above modern due to Imperial suppression of science and the knowledge lost in the Anarchy Period.

=Starship Tech=

Notable exceptions to the modern tech is the [[RAM-B0 drive]], which has allowed them to easily travel between their three planets in minutes. However, the fuel consumption of the drives prevents them from being used by interstellar vessels, which still use the standard Point-4 engines used on almost every other human colony.

=Military Tech=

The main advancements in military tech made by the empire are the Sublight Rifles, which utilize the advanced tech in the RAM-B0 drive to launch a projectile at 0.41 the speed of light, with devastating effect; the AC-92 Main Battle Tank, which utilizes experimental hover technology to travel at high speeds over various terrains; and the Superhound, a genetically modified wolf that is capable of tearing through 30 inches of Plasteel in 4.2 seconds.

=Civil Tech=

Alpha Centauran Empire

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