The Florence was the first colony ship ship ever, flying under the flag of the Interstellar Coalition. It was bound for Alpha Centauri II, but was cast adrift to unknown regions of space when control of the ship was seized by the Frontiersmen.


Interstellar Coalition

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The Interstellar Coalition was a union of 17 earth countries, founded in BF -92, with the explicit goal of saving the human race through colonization of extraterrestrial planets. This decision was prompted by increasing instability and ecological damage on earth, compounded by a brief nuclear exchange in BF -67. They were strongly (and frequently militarily) opposed by the United Nations. By BF -3, they had prepared a spacecraft capable of carrying 500 brave colonists to Alpha Centauri, to pave the way for future colonization.

=First Space Luddite War=





=NASA Incident=

=Build-up to Revolt=


=Battle of the Aft=

=The Airlock Plot=

=Battle of the Bridge=

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