Playable Races

Human:This is the most basic race that you can play, obviously. Humans have come a long way since Earth and as such they are now split into several subcategories.

Modern/Future Humans:This human is fortunate enough to live in a planet in this galaxy that has evolved to a modern day/futuristic world and as such is more adept with futuristic weapons such as laser melee weapons and guns both of which are massively destructive and they also start with these weapons. Their biggest weakness however is all futuristic weapons will inevitably run out of energy/ammo leaving these characters defenseless. They are also less adept at using primitive weapons and are much less hardy. +2 Attack/Damage with Guns/Future Melee Weapons. -3 Attack/Damage with primitive weaponry. +2 Dexterity,Charisma and Intelligence. -2 Strength and Constitution. +1 Ranged Feat at the beginning of the game.

Medieval Human:This human was "Fortunate" enough to be born on a planet with at least some sort of a contained government, typically monarchies, that either rules the planet or is in constant strife with other kingdoms for the planet. These humans are pushed to their physical limit in their weaponry and as such get a +3 Attack/Damage to all swords and a +2 Attack/Damage to all bows. They can use guns but require a trainer. They also require one so they can use laser/chain swords/axes. They are a hardy bunch with a +3 to Strength/Con and a +1 to Dexterity and a -1 to intelligence and -1 to wisdom. +2 Fighting Feats at the start of the game.

Tribal Human:This Human was unfortunate enough to be born onto a planet that hasn't evolved enough to have any form of government or any real technology. These humans can maybe if they're extra bright learn all kinds of weapons though it will take time. They are very tough as they are constantly fighting for their lives but a little on the idiot side of the spectrum. 4 Unarmed/Melee Bludgeoning and piercing weapons +3 AC automatically 1/Damage Reduction. 4 Strength/Con -2 Intelligence -1 Wisdom -2 Charisma and 2 Dexterity. 3 Fighting feats at the start of the game.

Gunpowder Age Human: You were lucky enough to be born onto a planet on which governments exist and are most likely feuding with eachother but other then that life is pretty good for you. As you live on a planet with guns but also swords you have knowledge of both and you train in whichever way you see fit which means that you get a +2 Attack/Damage to a weapon type of your choice, and a +2 to your best stat. As well as 2 extra feats to start the game off.

Orks: You are an Ork they are quite a simple race when compared to many of the races in the universe. Ork's entire code of conduct is based on one thing, fighting, they will get into a fight whenever they can and are brutal in combat. However they do have morals and a code of honor due to the fact that they don't fight to win they only do so to get into a good fight. Orks are much stronger then humans and alot beefier although they are usually slower and don't actually know how to aim but they must be the shootiest so they somehow deal more damage with guns. They are also idiots most of the time. Orks can come in Small, Medium or large characters. (To determine which they become roll a percentile dice 1-20=Small. 21-79=Medium and 80-100=Large.

For Small Orks:  -2 Attack for Guns. +2 Damage for Guns. +2 to Strength/Con -1 To Dex -1 To Int/Wis/Cha.

Medium Orks: -4 Attack for Guns. +2 Damage for Guns. +4 Strength/Constitution -2 Dexterity -2 Wisdom -2 Intelligence -2 Charisma.

Large Orks: +6 Strength/Constitution -4 Dexterity -3 Wisdom/Int/Cha Can't use guns due to his hands being too big.

Ork special rule: Once per day you can use your innate physic ability inside of yourself to perform a miracle upon a roll of 20.


Playable Races

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