Weapons are implements used for murdering things. They come in three basic categories: Melee, Ranged, and Heavy. Melee weapons are designed for up-close and personal encounters, while ranged weapons are for dispatching foes from afar. Heavy weapons included everything that cannot be carried by a single human and is not a vehicle like a tank.



##Sword - A single-handed long piece of metal designed for stabbing and slashing. Roughly a medieval tech, although updated designs are found throughout the universe.

##Spear – A pointy stick, often with a long metal tip for slashing. Found in every pre-gunpowder era, and still occaisionally found on more advanced planets.

##Axe – A large metal head on a stick

##Polearms – Multiple, or one really long, sharp thing on a stick. Found on nearly every planet.


##Club – A lump of material with one heavier end, used for hitting things. Literally everywhere.

##Mace – A slightly more elegant lump of material on a stick, used for hitting things. Mostly a medieval weapon, but found elsewhere as well.

##Hammer –  An elongated lump of material on a stick. Generally found everywhere.

##Fists – Any sort of augmentation of the standard punch, ranging from hand wraps to spikes to power fists. Generally on every planet.


#Rifles – A two-handed ranged weapon with a rifle stock, consisting of a long thing coming out of the back to rest your shoulder on.

#Pistols – A smaller weapon with a grip perpendicular to the main body of the weapon, and usually no stock. Can be used either one or two handed.

#Other – Bows, flamethrowers, missile launchers, all the wild and wonderful things that do not fit in the other two categories.


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